The Skin I Dressed

Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2018

Photoexhibition. January-February 2018


“This exhibition is a kind of a Road movie at grassroots level, or just a collection of a naked composition of a city. In all that pictures the prevailing Horizon is just the Street, the line of the street that walks together with the walk and together to this horizon, that kind of a blood system of veins that gas do outside of the ground. From my arriving to Almaty, just in my first trip after living the plane, going to central City, my impressions are about that marvelous mix between the old one level city made on wood, living on a fool of colors lavyrinth areas connected to the ground, where colors and alleys play still a Rural game and the encounter of this little world to this Huge avenues full of this soviet Rationalist buildings made of grey cement and crystal, with this enormous Ministrys, Hospitals, civil buildings, Universities and museums. That juxtaposition between this two different realities living mixed in a perfect union looking together to this majestic mountains is that thing that surprise me more from my arriving, and I can say I recon this justaposition is the deep character of the city inself, to be together to the Mountains and its closer past of been integral part of nature. Here, coexist still two different Utopias. One, this of this little and picturesque fireplace houses and its little piece of individuality, made with peaces of wood, the material of the mountains, so,been part of them, and this other Utopia of the grandiosity of the Communism as a egalitarian father who put order in the world using for that this utopic rationalism that rules the city in volume and lines. Walking is doing this portrait of the city at grassroot level, the life of this houses as they are on his façade. I believe that I ever do undress not only my photography, that was my core idea, but the city, figure out that poetic should from a city living as a village looking to its snowy hills. The poetry of the houses is the poetry of the people living in, indeed. I did not want to make a portrait of this city at all or any kine of critical work, I wanted just to have a walk, alone, true the streets, and let the streets speaks. They don,t need my critics, they are speaking alone allrady”.